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Friday, September 7, 2012

The gift of focus

Life is a sequence of experiences, gentle and hard
This is a reality from which none of us is barred
But there are different ways
Of perceiving our living days
And to do so, we don’t have to be unusually smart.

We should always consider – before we raise our voices
That what we experience is the result of our own choices
We may not have known before
What our chosen path had in store
But reflection is always better than making twitchy noises.

Yet, even more important for us is the understanding
That we alienate others by complaining and demanding
If we grumble and gripe all the time
Our life’s value won’t be worth a dime
And worst of all: we’ll feel as if our misery is expanding!

For, while we cannot see in our future when we choose
We can decide to sing a happy life-tune or wail the blues
You see, our focus actually determines
The content of our personal sermons
It triggers the difference between sensing if we win or lose.

In our lives we have many things to be overjoyed about
But also things that can cause us to moan, cry, or shout
Some of us see our glass as half full
Others nag that it’s a half-empty pool
Forgetting that overcoming trials is what it’s all about.

So, if you wish, take this as a well-intended invitation
To reflect on your life and engage in contemplation
Is it really all terrible and bad?
Or are there things that make you glad?
If so, let’s gratefully celebrate our life’s jubilation!

joan marques

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