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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The "Other" Resolutions

People talk about resolutions for the New Year
And then see their determination swiftly disappear
So, here are some ideas that could mean a lot more
You can attain them much better than the ones before

  How about simply giving some more in the new year?
To those who suffer badly, in hardship and fear?
How about being more grateful for life as it is
Instead of always focusing on whatever’s amiss?

  How about more walking, not necessarily fast…
Just little strolls that will make your health last?
Or reading a book that’s different from your style?
Who knows! It may end up being worth your while!

  What about frequently telling people nice things…
So that you can witness the joy that this brings?
And what about being a bit more positive to YOU?
By ending that negative self-talk that makes you blue?

  And oh yes: you could also unplug now and then
Leave your electronics behind - regain your own zen?
You could stop seeing your life as overbearing
By simply deciding to stop comparing?

 You could motivate yourself at least once a day
And find how the pressure and stress fade away
How are these for some fun, easy plans for the New Year?
All the best to you and yours: may you be of good cheer!