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Friday, October 17, 2014

Ten Things from the Heart

1.  Your loss of any kind, illness, pain, or other worries of today
Will be covered by a blanket of healed emotions along the way...

2.  The words you utter can be forgiven, but never undone
So, think before you speak, as this is how goodwill is won

3.  Choices are always made with limited knowledge of facts
Success doesn't depend on choices, but very much on acts

4.  Culture and habit are strong but limiting guides in most everything we do
Think critically on your actions: they may lead you to something new

5. Trust is subtle and fragile. It can easily be broken
Being trusted feels good, so let your behavior be your token

6. If you're powerful or affluent you can make life a manupilation feast
But be mindful of your conscience. It bugs you when you expect it least

7.  Happiness is an inner-feeling that mainly depends on your outlook
Don't allow others to have too much to say in your life's storybook

8.  Keep yourself ready for change: it is always lurking around the bend
The less you cling to things, the less time on frustration you'll spend

9.  Rough situations come and go in life: they're not for holding on
The sooner you start releasing them, the sooner they are gone

10.  Smiles and silence are powerful allies in your life
A smile solves many problems. Silence helps omit strife

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