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Monday, February 13, 2012

The gift of awareness

A water bubble became aware of its individuality and looked around. It thought, “Wow! So many of us, and yet, we’re all so unique!” It started observing the bubbles around and realized that some were small, others huge, and many were in-between. Some looked worn out, as they had become stained by the motions of the ocean. Others were clear and shiny and looked beamingly light in the glow of the sun.

The water bubble danced along with the others and soon realized that they were creating a wave. As he moved up to the top of the wave, he got mesmerized by the view: “Oh goodies! So many other waves! That means so many more bubbles like me! And look! We’re so powerful together!” Soon, however, the wave descended, and the water bubble started craving another high. It waited a while to see what was happening, but soon got bored from the lack of activity around him. It rolled away from the bubbles that had surrounded him so far and started traveling through the ocean. Earlier, it had seen a wave that was higher than the others and in its youthful zest it wanted to be part of that one. The water bubble got confused by the many new bubbles and waves it encountered. Some were rather friendly, but some were indifferent or a bit snooty, and some were downright rude.

Finally, however, the water bubble arrived at the large wave community. It took some getting used to the new culture, because these were aggressive bubbles: they were hyperactive and bubbled away as if they were the center of the universe. The water bubble learned that his new bubble community was preparing to create the biggest wave so far. They had negotiated with some of the other smaller waves and reached an agreement: they would merge so that they would be even more powerful and maybe even become the ruler of the ocean! The water bubble prided itself in being part of this enormous wave and imagined how all other water bubbles would look up to the wave of which he was now part. And indeed! The wave soon attained the reputation of being the giant among waves, and many water bubbles from the other waves were joining the gigantic wave, making it even larger, and even more forceful. Every time the wave would ascend, the bubbles held tight and roared in excitement, causing a sound that impressed all other waves in the surrounding.

The water bubble had now experienced many roaring ascends, and was getting bored with the constant ups and downs. It suggested to the other bubbles to team up with even more smaller waves and expand into a wave like no one had ever seen before: a tsunami! That sounded like a fabulous idea to the others, and soon the merging started: waves that were not too eager to merge were simply seized. Once the number of bubbles was so much that in the furthest distance there was no other wave in sight, the major rise started. Higher and higher up went the wave. It seemed as if it was going to catch the sun! The clouds in the sky quickly moved away by this scary sight, and the wave grew with dazzling speed to a petrifying height, seizing boats, even major ships, and rushing straight to the shore, where people had been alarmed about this mammoth of a danger that was heading toward the land.

The gigantic wave towered over the land, penetrated multi-story hotels on the beach, and made its way inland for many, many miles, leaving a trail of dead and destruction wherever it went. When it finally calmed down, and the water had returned to sea, there was devastation among the creatures that lived on the land. And the water bubble? Well, it found out that water bubbles, like everything else, are impermanent. On the height of the tsunami, it got smashed to a 17th floor hotel window, and splashed. The air in the bubble merged into the airwaves outside, and the water fragments returned to the ocean along with all the rest. Moral of the story: everything arises and passes.

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