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Monday, May 30, 2011

The gift of choice

How often haven't you heard someone say: "I have no choice! I have to do this!" I often think about the radical stance behind this statement, how limited it really sounds, and how much it says about the person saying it. In fact, we almost always have a choice. We may not always consider the options attractive, but a choice is usually available.

Some people live in towns where they can't find a job, feel trapped and complain endlessly about their plight, but still don't consider the option of moving even if they can. Some people stay in bad relationships or unfulfilling jobs, and don't make a serious effort to step out. Most of this happens because of two factors: fear and attachment. They may be afraid of failure, or they dread leaving their comfort zone, no matter how dreadful.

Using the gift of choice takes courage, because it often represents the start of something new. But it's a precious choice, which we often underutilize.

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